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As a security professional, you may have noticed an increase in substance abuse and addiction-related behaviour on or around your site. Responding to these types of behaviour requires a constantly evolving set of skills that can be challenging to keep up with. 

At SCOPE Safety & Security, we understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest strategies and techniques for Engaging with Homeless Populations. That's why we've listened to feedback from our students and developed an upgrade to our popular Engaging with Homeless Populations: Basics course. 

Our new course, Engaging with Homeless Populations: Addictions, takes a deeper dive into addiction-based behaviour concerns and provides you with the tools you need to respond more safely and confidently to these situations. This supplement course is a must-have for any security professional working with chronically addicted individuals. 

Enroll today to bring your skills to the next level and ensure that you're ready to handle any situation that comes your way.

Level up your skills with Addiction Behaviour Responses

A must have for security professionals


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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    2. About The Instructor

    3. Before We Begin

    1. The Philosophy

    2. What is Addiction?

    3. Let's Make This Personal

    4. Workbook

    1. Understanding Behaviours

    2. Common Type of Substance Impact on Beahviour

    3. Iceberg Concept

    4. Iceberg Concept: What We Don't See

    5. Understanding Mental Health Continuum

    6. Building Situational Awareness

    7. Situational Awareness - Heuristics

    8. Situational Awareness - Geographic

    9. Situational Awareness - Proxemics

    10. Situational Awareness - Biometrics

    11. Situational Awareness - Atmospherics

    12. Situational Awareness - Kinesics

    13. Workbook

    1. Building Communication is Critical

    2. Pre-Incident Communication Plan

    3. Let's Review The Basics

    4. Understanding Stigma: Both Individuals and Organizations

    5. Beteri's Box

    6. Empathic Listening within Addiction Based Behaviour

    7. Precipitating Factors

    8. Sympathy vs Empathy

    9. Deeper Understanding of Empathy

    10. Using Para-verbals

    11. Responding to Behaviours

    12. Displaying Uneasiness

    13. Supportive Engagement

    14. Slight Loss of Rationality

    15. Concise Verbal Expectations

    16. Physical / Non-Physical Intimidation

    17. Safety Response

    18. Emotional / Logical Re-Balancing

    19. Helpful Rapport Approach

    20. Workbook

    1. Bringing It All Together

    2. The RESPONSE Continuum

    3. R - Relax and Downplay

    4. E- Explain or Ask

    5. S-State or Tell

    6. P - Prompt, Gesture, or Sign

    7. O - Option to Use Force

    8. N - Nurture Recovery

    9. S - Support

    10. E - Engage and Learn

    11. Workbook

    12. Conclusion

    13. Final Evaluation

    14. Completed Workbook

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