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  • Anchor Skills

    Alberta Basic Security Training and other key courses help you anchor​ your foundation. Seek strong employment and grow to your highest potential​.

  • Emergency Response Skills

    Emergency preparedness and response are expected skills for security professionals. First Aid, Critical Communication, and Crowd Management are just some areas that separate employees from professionals​.

  • Lead and Inspire

    There is more to leadership than​ management of tasks or keeping a balanced schedule. Learn about staff retention, training drift assessments, and KPI's. Start your next step up with confidence.

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  • Do you like direct, no-nonsense communication?

  • Do you want a career that is recession proof?

  • Do you like to see a clear career path?

  • Do you like to be challenged in many ways?

  • Do you look at education as an investment?

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At SCOPE Safety & Security, we understand and value trust. That is why we offer one of our classes for free. This allows you to see our value and also gives you an opportunity​ to see if this is a fit for you.

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