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Mike Byrne

Mike Byrne is the owner of SCOPE Safety & Security. Some of the current topics that he teaches are First Aid Training, Health Care Training. Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, Management of Aggressive Behaviors (MOAB), The Working Mind for First Responders (Formally R2MR), and many more. Mike has been training in the security and protection industry for over 20 years. Starting as a Martial Arts instructor in Canada and Republic of Ireland, growing to become one of the youngest National Directors for the World Martial Arts Association – Republic of Ireland. From this foundation, Mike has worked with several individuals and organisations with a focus on non-violent physical interventions and situational awareness, single and team intervention strategies and development of operational processes. In 2007 Mike moved to the Canary Islands from the Republic of Ireland and started to develop and become inspired by social and verbal applications and skills. This experience has allowed Mike to bring the five stages of listening, Critical communication concepts and empathy into all of his teaching methods. Mike moved back to Canada in 2010 and started working within the Homeless Sector within Calgary, Alberta. Mike was soon leading a security team that focused on proven de-escalation techniques and practical tactics. This role has helped him with developing a first-hand experience with addicted individuals, working within marginalised communities and persons living with mental health challenges. This overall approach and measurable success have led to a request to build a program for the City of Calgary to educate the public on engaging with homeless populations, as well as special presentations for Calgary Police and Calgary By-Law. Calgary Police began an initiative to provide 100 police training recruits on week six of their training, to participate at the shelter and receive a presentation from Mike and shadow his security team.